Fetiche Patisserie, a French pastry shop, was opened at Cankarjevo nabrežje in old town of Ljubljana in 2012. In a modern, minimally furnished ambience, our guests are served with authentic French specialties: popular macaroons, chocolate or coffee éclairs and other classic French desserts. Freshly baked croissants, as found in Paris bakeries, are daily prepared by Hatase Toshihiro, a Japanese pastry chef, who acquired his knowledge and years of experience in the French capital.

Our desserts distinguish in their preparation, as all ingredients are of natural origin and contain no added preservatives, artificial colours or powders.

During the summer, we offer a wide range of ice-cream flavours, prepared by our own recipes only with natural ingredients.

Our fruit ice creams do not contain dairy products, but only fresh fruit or 100% fruit purees, which are used primarily for exotic flavours such as mango, the most popular flavour in 2013.

Milk-based ice creams contain whole milk and organically processed cream from Bohinj hills.

Ice creams with nuts, which contain only the world’s most renowned nuts such as pistachio from Sicily and hazelnut from Piemont, are added genuine egg yolks.

Our specialties are also 80% chocolate ice cream, which is made from French chocolate Valrhona and does not contain cocoa, as well as Tahitian vanilla ice cream.

One must certainly not forget to mention the black sesame, gorgonzola with walnut or green tea ice cream as well as and some other sophisticated flavours which are offered throughout the whole year. Our guests can also take away all desserts and ice creams in a neatly designed package.